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At Willmott Swim Skills we offer a range of services


At all Willmott Swim Clinics we aim to deliver elite-level coaching and expert advice. Click to find out more about our latest swim clinics and locations.

Select from a variety of pool sessions and presentations to create the perfect package to suit the needs of your club. Click to find out more about our tailored Club Visits.

Colchester Club Visit.jpg

Looking to improve your swimming potential, and maximise your potential? Click to find out more about our Athlete Mentoring Programme. 


The journey to the top isn’t straight forward. After serious injury Aimee went on to win Commonwealth Gold. Click to find out more about our Motivational Speaking opportunities.

We offer 1-1 pool sessions, individual online coaching both in and out the pool, as well as educational sessions. Click to find out how we can help you succeed on your journey to podium success.


Success is only achievable when hard work is paired with natural talent. Click to find out more about our Dream Big presentations.

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