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The Champion Vs Participant Mindset

It’s no secret that some of the best athletes in the world have a different mindset to those who just exercise for fun, but the question is what makes them so great?

Of course, talent and work ethic have a huge impact, but even in elite sport the field is split. There are those names who you remember, those who are breaking world records, winning gold and setting boundaries and then there are those making finals, and coming up short.

The drive to win and mindset takes their performances to the next level. The best athletes and swimmers in the world want to compete to win, and will not settle for anything less.

Adam Peaty, for example, talks about ‘attacking’ his titles, and not ‘defending’ them. To defend is the easy option, to attack promotes the fact that Adam always wants to continually improve and beat himself.

When we think about the characteristics of mindset we can split them into two categories: The Champion mindset and Participant mentality

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Mindset PDF
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So think - what can you do to take your performance to the next level and how can your mindset help you achieve podium success?


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